Jeetoo Hospital: A Patient After Immolating Himself

There is consternation among employees of Jeetoo hospital since Sunday. A patient, admitted at the hospital a few days ago, tried to immolate himself by cracking a match in the early evening of Sunday September 18. He was transferred to the intensive care unit before being transported to the Burns Unit at the Victoria Hospital in Candos. His condition inspires serious concerns.

Ludovic Penelope, 22, was transferred to the psychiatric hospital after he started having seizures. According to our information, the young man who lives in a disabled center entered the bathroom before setting fire to his clothes.

However, one question remains: is there an ongoing investigation to determine the circumstances that led the young man to commit this act? If employees of the hospital Jeetoo say that the matter has neither been referred to the Ministry of Health nor the police, the press secretary of the minister Anil Gayan said that an internal investigation is being conducted. The nurses who were on duty on Sunday should be called to give their version of facts to the police.