[Video] Fatal Accident At Bramsthan: The Victim’s Family Suspect A “Foul Play”

The circumstances in which Avinash Ramdeehul, a young pastry chef of 27 years and his friend Soundiren Vaychilingum, 27, died in a road accident on Friday in Bramsthan remain unclear. Their relatives including Avinash Ramdeehul evoke the thesis of foul play. They hired the services of lawyer Baboolall Chetan.

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Selon la famille Ramdeehul les circonstances ne coïncident pas. A travers des appels téléphoniques nous pourrons peut-être savoir ce qui s’est réellement passé le jour de l’accident,” said the lawyer.

The brother of Avinash Ramdeehul, Nirmal says that he relies on the police to carry out the investigation. “Il faut connaître la vérité pour que justice soit faite. Nous comptons sur la police pour mener ses investigations,” he has emphasized.

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The truck driver who fatally struck Avinash Ramdeehul and his friend Soundiren Vaychilingum returned to the scene of the tragedy on Wednesday September 21. In front of a crowd of onlookers, he showed investigators how the accident happened last Saturday. The reconstruction of events began around 10:15 AM. A dozen of police officers were mobilized to ensure the smooth running of the exercise.