[Video] Résidence Barkly: High Tension After The Arrest Of A Drug Dealer

After a raid at cité Ste-Claire in Goodlands earlier in the day, the police had to deal with people of Résidence Barkly a few hours later on Wednesday September 21. There were high tensions after the arrest of a local resident for a drug case.

It was about 5:00 PM that the ADSU elements raided the house of a suspect Fabrice Veerasami. The Intervention Group of the Mauritian police, the Special Supporting Unit and the Special Mobile Force were sent for reinforcements.

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The search ended around 6:30 PM. Residents surrounded the suspect’s house. They then threw stones at the police when the suspect came out handcuffed, surrounded by police.

Despite the aggressiveness of these few people, members of the police force were able to return to the police station. But they were followed by onlookers. They have damaged police vehicles with rocks.

The officers from nearby police stations were mended in place for reinforcements. Calm returned to the area a few hours later while police maintained regular patrols during the evening.