[Exclusive Video] An Armed Man Gives A Cashier Death Threats In Public

This incident marked the customers of Super U in Belle Rose. An employee of a security company terrorized customers by manhandling a cashier last Sunday September 18. Images of the supermarket surveillance cameras can be seen below.

On that day, an armed employee of the security company landed the Belle Rose supermarket and was accompanied by another man. He began to insult and threat the cashier and even hit a security guard who tried to interpose.

The reason for his anger: he came to fetch his girlfriend, a cashier, who informed him shortly before 2 PM that she could not join him on that day as she did not obtain permission from the management. However, the inhabitant of Beau-Bassindid not make any official request on that day.

Watch video:

In the video we see the big guys stop the woman from working and pulled her hand. A hundred customers were present at the scene.

Il était hors de lui et balançait des injures,” said a witness. “Il a dit qu’il n’était pas là pour se bagarrer mais qu’il était venu récupérer sa femme.” In the video, we could see the thugs brutalize two security officers who intervened. After the incident, they complained to the Rose Hill police station.

Also, a few witnesses argued that the “aggressor” had a weapon hidden in the back. However, it was difficult to confirm if it was a revolver, as stated by a client.

According to a former colleague of the suspect, this is not the first time that the man did that. He was involved in a similar incident in another supermarket. But the matter was not reported to the police, according to a source. We tried to get the version of the man through the company that employs him, but our request went unanswered. As for the young woman, her relatives said that she was not available.