Mail: Drug Packages Addressed To The… Dead

The police are currently dealing with two packages containing drugs that were sent by post. The catch is that the recipients have already died. Could it be the new modus operandi of traffickers? At the central barracks, it is claimed that the traffickers are testing the effectiveness of this method by posting a small quantity of drugs in packets. The advantage for them, according to investigators, is that no arrest could be made as the recipients have already died.

Two such cases were registered on July 1. The sleuths of the port Anti Drug & Smuggling Unit (ADSU) were alerted on that day after a suspect package was intercepted at the main post office. By opening the package, police found there a plastic bag containing a quantity of heroin. Its market value is estimated at less than Rs 5 000. But the exercise of controlled delivery, which lasted until Wednesday, failed because the recipient did not come to pick up the package.

A raid was then carried out on the same day at the home of an inhabitant of résidence Ducray in Ste-Croix. A close person to the recipient, a woman of 53, told police that the person they were looking for died in March 1999. The fifties presented a death certificate to support her claims. The police still searched the house, but no compromising object was found. Finally, the drug package has been sealed at the headquarters of the ADSU.

On the other hand, another packet containing approximately Rs 250 000 worth of heroin was addressed to a resident of Vallée-des-Prêtres. Since nobody came to retrieve the package, the ADSU team landed in this suburb of the capital on Wednesday September 21 to search for the recipient. It is the uncle of the wanted suspect who informed the police that the latter died in 2014.