Baie-Du-Tombeau: A Mother Severly Burned In The Toilet

35 year old Riyan Satiami Gentille fights for her life in the Burn Intensive Care Unit in Candos hospital.

Riyan Satiami Gentille

Riyan Satiami Gentille

She suffered serious burns in the early hours of Friday September 23. This mother was in the bathroom when the tragedy occurred. The Bay du Tombeau police has opened an investigation.

The son of Riyan Satiami Gentille, aged 17, who was the first to be alerted. “Je dormais. Vers 4 heures, j’ai entendu ma mère crier,” he said. He then rushed outside and discovered the horror. “Ma mère était une torche humaine,” said the teenager.

Without missing a second, he grabbed a container of water and poured on her mother and managed to extinguish the fire. “Monn amen li dan lakaz. Linn dir mwa partou pe brile. Je l’ai enveloppée dans un drap,” he said.

Baie-du-Tombeau police landed at the scene to investigate. Riyan Satiami Gentille was transported at the SSRN hospital in Pamplemousses before being transferred to the Intensive Care Unit of the Burns Unit of Candos. Her condition is considered worrisome.

For now, the circumstances surrounding this tragedy have not yet been established. The son was questioned by the police. “Nos toilettes sont à l’extérieur. Ma mère à l’habitude d’y fumer une cigarette. Depuis quelque temps déjà, nous gardons nos bidons de pétrole dans les toilettes pour éviter que les enfants ne jouent avec,” he says.
Police believe that there may have been contact between the cigarette and oil. “Je laisse la police déterminer l’origine de cet incendie,” said the son. Police officers went to the bedside of Riyan Satiami Gentille to have her version of events, but her condition has made this exercise impossible.