Bel-Air: A Mechanic Brutally Attacked By A Knife

A 37 year old mechanic was brutally attacked with a knife on Saturday night September 24 in La-Lucie-Roy in Bel-Air. He was injured on several parts of the body including the head. He argued with a friend for a matter of money when another friend Anoopsing has intervened and gave the mechanic several stab wounds.


The mechanic Pravesh assaulted and his wife.

It was an argument that ends in a pool of blood. Pravesh left home at Ernest Florent on Saturday around 9:15 PM to drop a friend in La Lucie-Roy. On the way back, he stopped near a shop in the area to buy rum and cigarettes, according to his wife.

He met a friend named Kishan there and an argument broke out between them about a matter of money. Meanwhile, Anoopsing R. was near the shop and witnessed the argument. He stopped the two friends from arguing. However, at a point, Pravesh launched a helmet on Anoopsing. And in turn, the latter grabbed a knife and violently assaulted Pravesh, injuring him on several body parts.

Seriously injured, Pravesh called his wife on his cell phone and asked her to alert the police. The police went to the scene and transported Pravesh to the Flacq Hospital. The injured underwent surgery and was hospitalized. When questioned by police, he explained that his friend Anoopsing assaulted him with knives. “Kishan ek mwa finn gayn diskisyon akoz enn zafer larzan e Anoopsing finn vini e li finn agress mwa. Kishan ti immobiliz mwa e mo pann kapav defann.”

Because of his condition, he could not provide more details. On Sunday September 25, Pravesh underwent a second surgery and is still hospitalized. His condition is considered serious.

During the day on Sunday, Bel-Air-Rivière-Sèche police arrested for Anoopsing which confessed. “Monn trouv Kishan e Pravesh pe diskite e monn dir zot pa bizin diskite. Pravesh finn tap mwa avek enn helmet e mo finn tap li avek enn kouto ki ti lor simin. Pravesh devait de l’argent à Kishan,” said Anoopsing. After interrogation, he was taken into police custody. He will appear in Flacq court on Monday and he could be tentatively charged with premeditated aggression.

As for Kishan, he is wanted by the police. The wife of the victim Varsha, who is about to give birth, is traumatized since her husband’s assault. “Dans le passé, Anoopsing et mon époux se sont déjà disputés, car un de leurs amis avait perdu son argent. Pravesh ti dir Anoopsing ki enn kamarad finn perdi kass e Anoopsing pann tro apresye.

Depuis, il se disputait souvent avec Pravesh. Mon époux aurait pu perdre la vie. Lorsqu’il m’avait appelé vers 21 h 30, j’ai informé la police et je suis allée sur les lieux. Il y avait du sang partout. Ma fille de quatre ans est inconsolable et ne cesse de demander auprès de son père. Je dois lui mentir en lui disant que son père est chez un ami,” says the wife in tears.

The investigation led by the sergeant Greedharry is under the supervision of chief inspector Thakoor.