Case Noyale: Wife Beats Her Husband In Public For Cheating

A wife has beaten her husband at his workplace after receiving information and proofs that the latter was cheating on her. A witness called the police who were mended on the scene on Monday September 26.

Wife inflicts several blows to her husband on the ground at his workplace.

Wife inflicts several blows to her husband on the ground at his workplace.

According to a witness, the woman was asking for explanation to her husband when she started to slap and punch him on the face. “Mone dékuyoné…so madam abitié vini mai mo pan atan ki li pou bate li coumsa. Nou fin bizin telephon la police acoz ene lieu travay sa ici,” said the man who witnessed the drama.

The incident occurred in Case Noyale on Monday around 4:00 PM. The police arrested the couple and they had to give the versions of facts at the police station. The 38 year old woman told the police, “Mo mari pe trompe moi avek ene lot fam. Mon bizin ene explikasion avek li apré mone al kot li travay. Li demande moi pardon mai ti tro tigit pu sa pesé lin fer la.”

The woman said she beat her husband out of anger and jealousy. On the other hand, in his statement, the 43 year old man agreed to have cheated her wife and told the police that he was eventually beaten by his wife at his workplace. The woman did not disclose the proofs she had against her husband for cheating but said, “li ene zafer personel mai sa in vin piblik. Ek mo pa pou laise mo mari coumsa mem. Li pou bizin payé pou sa.”

The couple were released after writing their statements. The man was brought to the hospital for treatment since he was wounded in the face and right arm.

An investigation has been opened by the police.