Sodnac: He Forced His Partner Into Prostitution. Read Sharonne’s Story!

They are homeless (SDF). Sharonne and her companion Michel were strolling the streets of Sodnac on Saturday September 24.

The Sodnac Police patrolling the area found that this couple had a strange attitude. The police then approached the two partners to ask them for an explanation. Sharonne told investigators that his companion Michel forced her into prostitution. The couple was taken to the police station for questioning.

“Très souvent, mon compagnon me demande de me prostituer. Il me conduit dans la rue. C’est lui qui me trouve des clients. Li pran kas ek apre li debout dan enn kwin li vey mwa. Nou rod enn lavi,” said Sharonne. She revealed that her partner was not working. She said she receives between Rs 300 and Rs 1,000.

Sharonne adds that she has no choice. “Je n’ai pas de travail et personne ne veut m’aider. Je dois obéir à mon concubin et me prostituer pour avoir de l’argent. On achète de la nourriture avec l’argent qu’on obtient,” she told investigators.

The previous day, on Friday, Sharonne registered a complaint at Sodnac police station, as a precautionary measure to report that her companion forced her into prostitution.
Michel was questioned and he confessed. He told investigators that he has no source of income and that’s why he asks his wife to get into prostitution. After their interrogation, Sharonne and Michel were detained.

On Saturday, the couple appeared before the Bail and Remand Court. Sharonne meets a provisional charge of “rogue and vagabond.” She was released on parole.
Michel answered, meanwhile, a provisional charge of “Procuring a female for soliciting another person for immoral purpose.” Police objected to his release on parole and he was taken to the police cell. The investigation, conducted by the sergeant Mungra, is under the supervision of the inspector Appadoo.