[Video] Pailles: Lindley Drowns After Trying To Rescue His Cousin

Lindley Feuillande, a resident of Cité Sabre in Pailles, died at cité Jonction waterfall on Sunday Sept. 25. This 26 year old man was trying to save his cousin when he himself drowned. The incident occurred around 3:00 PM.

Ange Feuillande, Father Of The Victim Lindley (Inset).

Ange Feuillande, Father Of The Victim Lindley (Inset).

Vigil at the Jeetoo Hospital in Port-Louis, Lindley Feuillande went to the waterfall situated in the locality with his cousins aged 10, 12 and 16. It is the latter who explained to L’express that one of the two boys, who were on the rocks, slipped.

According to some witnesses, the victim who was already in the water tried to rescue the child. One cousin aged 16 also jumped into the water to rescue him. Lindley Feuillande then approached them to push the elder cousins out of the water by holding them by their hips. But unfortunately, he could not resurface after the two young people were out of danger. He disappeared into the water.

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According to his neighbors, the victim could not swim. Others say otherwise. “Il se rendait à la cascade, mais ce n’était jamais pour nager,” the cousins said. However, according to his father, Angel Feuillande, it is the first time that Lindley went to the waterfall. “À moins qu’il y allait mais qu’il ne m’en parlait pas, car je l’aurais découragé,” says the sexagenarian.

The latter says he left home at 8:00 AM to go to prayers in Eau-Coulée. “Lindley dormait toujours. Je ne pense pas qu’il devait se rendre au boulot car il ne m’avait pas demandé de préparer son pain,” recalls Ange Feuillande.

Elements of the intervention group by the Mauritius Police Force went to the waterfall to recover the body of the victim around 4:00 PM yesterday. This place is also known as Grand River North West Dam by the police.