[Exclusive] Flacq: A House Completely Ravaged By Fire – A Quran Spared From The Flames

A concrete house has been completely destroyed in a massive fire in the night from Sunday to Monday. Fortunately, no member of the family consisting of 12 people including a baby were injured. This miracle happened as family members explained the presence of a copy of the Holy Quran on their table which escaped the flames.

A holy Quran spared from the flames during a house fire in Flacq.

A holy Quran spared from the flames during a house fire in Flacq.

At the entrance of Argy in Flacq, the house blackened by flames inevitably attracts the eye and it is surprising that no member of the Ahmad Jamal family has been victim of the fire. According to members of the affected family and the faithful present at the place, this little miracle is that the sacred book we read with devotion and fervor every day acted as a protective shield for the family.

The copy of the Holy Quran on the table remaining intact while all stuffs around blazed is indeed a miracle. With the exception of black smoke marks on the cover, all pages of the holy book are still in good condition. “C’est un miracle!,” marvels a lady when she saw the intact copy of the Quran on a half burnt and blackened table while the furniture is completely charred. Nothing escaped the mysterious fire. A faithful demands the examination of the holy Quran. “Un frisson m’a parcouru l’échine quand j’ai constaté que le saint Coran est resté intact et que les pages sont encore blanches,” he says. “Je vous assure que le livre sacré était sur cette table qui a brûlé. Il n’y a pas de doute, ce livre sacré a protégé la famille qui a eu le temps de se sauver par les fenêtres qui donnent sur la route principale,” indicates a member of the Jamal Ahmad family.

This is the second time that the house of Ahmad Jamal family caught fire. Waheed, a young academic, went to bed around 2:30 AM after visiting her grandmother. He heard nothing suspicious and suddenly the 4 rooms were in flames. “Mes enfants de même que ma belle-soeur ont eu le temps de sauter d’une fenêtre,” said Waheeda, his mother. A baby was fast asleep and unharmed after his mother and him escaped through a back door.

Within minutes, the house was devastated with fire. “Notre famille n’a pas d’ennemis et nous ne doutons personne,” Waheeda said. “C’est un incendie bien mystérieux,” a neighbor added. Jamal Ahmad are quiet people and do not have enemies. The husband of Waheeda, Shahjahan Ahmad who thought he would have quiet days after his retirement but the disillusionment is big. “Maintenant que nous avons tout perdu dans cet incendie, je ne sais pas par où commencer,” he suggests with sad eyes.

Since the fire, the Ahmad Jamal family have all installed at a close relative’s place in Montagne Blanche. The generosity of relatives allowed them to have enough food for now. But they know they can not abuse the hospitality and kindness of their hosts and their families for too long. “L’enquête de la police prendra un peu de temps pour déterminer l’origine de ce sinistre. De toute façon la famille ne pourra plus habiter cette maison,” emphasized Waheeda. “Nous devons trouver les moyens pour raser la maison et la reconstruire,” said Shahjahan.

An appeal is launched to the authorities for a NHDC house to be made available for this family until generous donors contribute to rebuild their house. The brothers and sisters who want to help a family in distress can call them to offer help. Donations in the form of zakaat can help relieve their suffering.

Alternatively, you can donate online via PayPal and Credit Card below:

You can contact the family on 57998879 or 58665825.