[Exclusive Video] Extra Marital Affair: Vikash Cheats Wife With Another Married Woman Making Her Pregnant

Vikash C. is a married man with 3 children and has left his wife and kids for another married woman Puja K. They are both living in a rent house in Riviere Noire, according to a source.

Vikash C. can be seen with Puja K. doing a selfie.

Vikash C. can be seen with Puja K. doing a selfie.

The two have been in love and cheating their partners for 3 long years. Vikash C. finally left his wife and kids in January 2016. He then went to live with his lover after the latter left her husband and has been cheating on him too. Here’s a love letter written by Vikash C. to his lover:


The wife of Vikash is desperate and does not know where to turn because she has 3 children to look after. She has debts left by her husband to cover. She even went to the court where her husband was called to answer the charges but he never came.

Nishi, Vikash’s wife, has received death threats at her workplace in bagatelle several times. The mistress of Vikash has also threatened her to accept the divorce from her husband. She even gave Nishi death threats through messaging.

Watch video:

According to Nishi who said, “puja fin ale kot ene sorcier li ek so mama fin met ene lapoud dan mo mari so manger ek so linge. Zot dop li dan dipain laviande 3 mois de cela. Devan laport mo fami ti ene samedi gramatin ti ena limon, zeguile, mo photo apres bne latoile noire ek ene papier ti ena mo nom ladan. Ti ena labougi blan ek rouge osi.”

The wife of Vikash said that Puja K. did black magic on her husband. She also revealed that Puja is pregnant for her husband and she forced her husband to do abortion a couple of times.

The ‘mangalsutra’ of Nishi was snatched by her husband as well as other jewelries. According to her, Vikash gave a ring to her mistress as a gift. Here’s a screenshot of Puja’s message thanking Vikash for the ring:

Ring offered by Vikash to his mistress Puja.

Ring offered by Vikash to his mistress Puja.

Nishi has received helped neither from the court nor from the police in this case. She’s calling for the help and advice of Mauritius citizen and wants to expose the acts of her husband Vikash C. She can be contacted on 57593306 and 59292689.