[Exclusive Video] Help Bring Back The Smile On The Lips Of The Small Elven

Lying on the couch, Elven is watching TV with his mom. This little guy of 5 years old, residing at Roche-Bois, had his foot amputated at the end of December 2014.

Watch video:

The Top TV team went to meet him. His family and him live a hassle since late 2014. This is the year where the Mauthoor couple learned that their youngest son, then aged 3, got nephrotic syndrome. This disease affects the kidneys that caused the body proteins to leave the body through urine. The life of this family is completely shattered after learning the bad news.

It is a cry from the heart that launches Lovena and Sachin. They appeal to the generosity of Mauritians to help bring the smile on the lips of the small Elven.

To help them, here are the two bank accounts of the family:

State Bank of Mauritius: 04 23 62 00 01 55 08

Mauritius Commercial Bank: 00 04 41 98 51 14

You can also make a donation via PayPal and Credit Card online below: