[Exclusive Video] Police Brutality: A Man Had His Hand And Ribs Broken After Being Beaten. Please Share!

A man was brutally assaulted by police officers on Sunday September 25 and the scene was recorded on camera.

According to preliminary reports, the man had a broken hand and ribs fractured after the incident. Other police officers were mended at the scene. The handcuffs of the victim were also broken reflecting the violence of the incident.

According to a witness, the police officers who came afterwards told the police officers present at the scene that they were acting wrongly with the man. We can see the broken handcuffs in the video reflecting the violence the victim endured. The man was accompanied by his child who witnessed the drama.

Watch video:

A police officer removed the broken handcuffs and said: “linn kass menot la.” And the witness replicated by saying: “C’est bon paski pa li ki fin kass sa de toute fason.”

“Non, noun kass sa,” replied the police officer.

However, the officers torturing the injured man did not listen to the police officers who later came at the scene and continued their work. They arrested the injured man and decamped without any excuse. The man has been hospitalized and according to a close source, his conditions inspire serious concern. He has vomited blood.

More to follow…