Grande-Rivière-Nord-Ouest: A 35 Year Old Mason Found Guilty For raping His 72 Year Old Neighbor

Immouche Pierrot, a mason aged 35, was convicted on Tuesday, September 27 for raping his 72 year old neighbor. The closing arguments on the sentence to be imposed on Immouche Pierrot will be held on 5 October.

Immouche Pierrot.

Immouche Pierrot.

The judgment was pronounced by magistrates Azam Neerooa and Darshana Gayan Intermediate Court.

Immouche Pierrot residing in Grande-Rivière-Nord-Ouest (GRNO) was accused of raping his neighbor then 72 years old. The offense was committed on January 15, 2012 at the home of the latter. The victim, a widow with no children, lived alone in a metal sheet house.

The 35 year old mason had pleaded not guilty to the rape charge against him.

According to the prosecution case, Immouche Pierrot went through the back door to enter at his neighbor’s place who was sleeping at that time.

Immouche Pierrot was then armed with a knife and was under the influence of alcohol. He then went into the room of the victim and threw himself on her. Then he dragged her to the ground and raped her.

“Assoupi chez la victime”

Immouche Pierrot has even dozed the victim who could not defend herself. On the following afternoon, the victim decided to come out of her silence and go complain to the police. She had been admitted to the hospital. Numerous injuries were detected on the body of the seventies.

In their judgment, the Neerooa Azam and Darshana Gayan judges reported that the defendant had given several versions to the police after he had confessed.

In one of his statements, Immouche Pierrot said it was his neighbor who called him for the “bad doing” and he used to go there.

Magistrates Azam Neerooa and Darshana Gayan concluded that there is enough evidence showing that Immouche Pierrot has indeed raped his neighbor of 72 years.