[Exclusive] Baie Du Cap: Wife Sets Bed On Fire After Learning Her Husband Has Been Cheating

A 33 year old woman has set their bed on fire after learning that her husband has been cheating. The incident occurred in Baie du Cap last night, Wednesday September 28 around 9:30 PM.

Bed on fire [illustrative photo].

Bed on fire [illustrative photo].

Neha*, a mother of two children, was going to bed after she noticed a new message on her husband’s cell phone. The latter was busy taking a bath at that time. “Mo mari ti pe baigné kan mo trouv ene message rentré lor so portab. Dapré message la mone fini compren ki li pe garde ene fam paski depi lontan mo ti pe doute sa zafer la,” revealed Nishi to us.

She kept her calm after reading the messages and waited for her husband to go to bed. “Mone atan li mont lo lili aprer mone met difé lo dra-la kuman lin gagne somey.” Luckily, the 36 year old man woke in time and jumped out of the bed. He was able to extinguish the fire without much damage caused.

Kevin, the husband of Neha, asked her for explanations on how the bed caught fire. “Kuma difé fin pren lo dra?,” said Kevin, shocked. “Astere difé pou pren la. To pe trompe moi… sa to pas pe conné!,” replied Neha.

Neha then asked her husband Kevin* to give an explanation on his extra marital affair that he did not deny. He afterwards apologized to his wife who reported the matter to us. She said she has not reported the matter to the police and want to resolve the problem internally. However, she revealed her heartbreaking story to us to send a message out there: “Never cheat on someone that is good to you. Karma is a bitch.”