Camp-Levieux: A Recidivist Jonathan Doger Armandine Rampages Glass Panels And An ERS Vehicle

Police have been busy on Wednesday September 28. A recidivist sowed disorder at Camp Levieux police station. Assessment: four glass panels were shattered and the windshield and the side of a vehicle of the Emergency Response Service (ERS) were damaged. Jonathan Doger Armandine gave a headache to the police who tried to stop him.

He broke glass panels at the police station of Camp Levieux with stones.

He broke glass panels at the police station of Camp Levieux with stones.

It is a scene of rare violence which was played at the police station of Camp Levieux on Wednesday night. Jonathan Doger Armandine, local resident, launched beer bottles and stones towards the police station. The man is well-known to the police. He did not digest that officers intervened in a fight that took place earlier.

A man introduced himself to the police station to ask for help. He explained that Jonathan Doger Armand, armed with a sword, uttered threats against him. A patrol conducted indeed confirmed that Jonathan Doger Armand was armed with a sword. He fled at the sight of the police, before reporting to the police station a few minutes later. He was holding beer bottles and stones. He insulted the police while hurling projectiles against the post. Four glass panels were broken. Elements of the Emergency Response Service were called in. The individual is far from intimidated and began to throw projectiles at the ERS vehicle, smashing the windshield and damaging its side.

Sleuths of the CID of Camp Levieux attempted to subdue him but he fled. The officers pursued him as Jonathan Doger Armand was heading towards the complex of NHDC apartments and disappeared. The police searched for him in various blocks of flats but in vain.

According to information obtained in the next morning, Jonathan Doger Armand went to the Brown Sequard hospital where he was admitted. The individual was placed under arrest. The investigation is conducted by the Woman Chief Inspector (WCI) Ramdour and inspector Samynaden under the supervision of the Police Superintendent Sam Bansoodeb.

Jonathan Doger Armand was allowed to leave the hospital on Thursday afternoon. He was taken to the detention center of Coromandel. He will be brought to justice this Friday to be accused to answer a charge of ‘Damaging government property’.