Campaigners Call On NASA To Fire Condoms Into Space So Aliens Can Have Safe Sex With Humans

If you’re worried about being impregnated by an alien, you might want to sign this petition.

Laser beam 'cloaking device' could save Planet Earth from being annihilated by genocidal aliens.

Laser beam ‘cloaking device’ could save Planet Earth from being annihilated by genocidal aliens.

A campaign has been launched to persuade NASA to send condoms into space, so that aliens and humans can have safe sex together.

The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU), which started the campaign, describes condoms as “one of the most significant inventions of all time”.

It says the contraceptives should be sent into space because aliens might decide to visit Earth one day and have sex with some “hot earthlings”.

The RFSU admits that “we can’t be sure what the aliens’ sex organs look like”, but claims that the condom “says a lot about us humans”.

“This small little latex thingy might look simple, but it is extremely important in letting every human decide about their own bodies and their own lives,” a video states.

RFSU’s bizarre concept has been dubbed the “Swedish Space Condom” and is intended to promote the use of condoms back on earth.

A video was published on World Contraception Day and the RFSU now hopes it will go viral.

“Access to contraceptives is closely linked to greater gender equality, educational attainment and even economic development,” said the RFSU.

“If NASA sends a condom to space more people will speak about this simple, but life saving invention. This is our small contribution to put contraceptives higher on the political agenda.”

You can sign the RFSU’s petition for a Swedish Space Condom here .