[Exclusive] Mapou: Heavy Smoker Father Breaks 5 Year Child’s Right Arm After Being Caught Smoking

Angry father has beaten his 5 year old child after he was caught smoking a cigarette on Thursday September 29 in Mapou.


The child was slapped prior to be beaten on his right hand with a stick by his father. After finding that his child had a swollen arm, the father brought him to the SSRN hospital for treatment.

However, medical officers were quick to realize that the child suffered parental assault. One of the medical officer asked the child about the incident who revealed that he was beaten with a stick by his dad. The case was forwarded to the police after treating the child.

According to the medical staffs, the 5 year old boy was bleeding on several parts of the body. After a scan, they found that he had a broken right arm which was later plastered.

The father was interrogated by a medical officer and he denied having beaten his child with a stick. He said he caught his son smoking a cigarette and slapped him to set things right. The latter then fell on the floor breaking his right arm due to the impact.

According to the child’s mother, she said that her husband is a heavy smoker and used to smoke indoor. She added that she was on duty at that time and could not give more information on the incident. The matter has been reported to the police and a statement will be taken from the parents.

A police investigation has been opened.