Dagotière: Xavier Luc Duval Flies To The Rescue Of Hemwantee Poorun

After the popular support towards Hemwantee Poorun, it is the turn of the authorities to be interested in her case. Evicted from her home in Dagotière a month ago, she sleeps under the stars. The acting Prime Minister Xavier-Luc Duval has taken steps with the Krishnanand Ashram in Calabashes so that the sixties finds a roof.

The acting Prime Minister Xavier-Luc Duval is assisting Hemwantee Poorun, evicted from her home.

The acting Prime Minister Xavier-Luc Duval is assisting Hemwantee Poorun, evicted from her home.

He sent a counselor and a truck in Dagotière to facilitate the move “at his expense” in the afternoon of Friday September 30. This was confirmed by Xavier-Luc Duval to l’express. However, he condemns any “communal” dimension given to this matter.

Once in place, the counselor noted that Hemwantee Poorun was not there. The sexagenarian told him … she was at a press conference, hosted by a socio-cultural association, in Beau-Bassin when contacted by phone. Hemwantee Poorun asked the advisor to meet her on Saturday October 1.

Meanwhile, an officer of the Family Unit of the Ministry of Gender Equality went to Dagotière on Friday afternoon to assess the situation and see how to help her. The authorities will again head for Dagotière on Saturday. The proposal of Xavier-Luc Duval remains open.

In addition, four suspects arrested in connection with incidents in Dagotière on Wednesday October 28 will appear before the Bail and Remand Court on Saturday October 1. They are Mooneshsingh Soondur, a 26 year old resident of Plaine des Roches ; Teesul Churrun, 27, an employee of the Indian High Commission residing morcellement Beau Climat, Rivière du Rempart; Rajeshwar Ramkissoon, 53, a taxi driver from the Royal Road, Cap-Malheureux; and Luchunee Hemwunth, 62, an employee of the police force residing Royal Road, L’Amitié, Rivière du Rempart. They spent the night in custody at Moka. For his part, Ramprakashsing Budlorun, a company director in Beau- Bassin who was arrested on Thursday September 29, was released the next day after his court appearance.