[Exclusive Interview] Rakesh Gooljaury, The Fall Of A Billionaire: “J’ai tout perdu”

The former successful businessman Rakesh Gooljaury, once close to the government, talks about his fall after the liquidation of his companies and the seizure of his property, including his parents’ home.

Rakesh Gooljaury And His Wife Hannah.

Rakesh Gooljaury And His Wife Hannah.

Considered as the shadow of Navin Ramgoolam during the last two terms of the Labour Prime Minister, Gooljaury Rakesh who was the head of an empire worth more than Rs 1 billion is now desperate.

“Monn perdi tou. Bizin rekoumans a zero. Mo madam Hannah ki pe ed mwa. Li ena so magazin optisien. Mo pe travay avek li. Apar mo madam ki pe soutenir mwa, mo pena bel kamwad ki reste,” said the former boss of Fashion Style.