Heroin Found Sandwiched In Greeting Cards: The Kingpin Operates From Prison

Drug traffickers do not lack imagination… After kitchenware, electronic devices or their private parts, they opted for greeting cards to hide illegal substances this time.

Indeed, 112.8 grams of heroin worth over Rs 1.6 million were seized between Tuesday 27 and Thursday September 29 at the central post office of Port-Louis in five greeting cards from Kenya.

Happy Birthday, For a special couple on your wedding, Deepest sympathy … These greeting cards are sent to dead people, to fictitious addresses or to recipients with incomplete names. And according to an investigation conducted by elements of the Anti Drug & Smuggling Unit (ADSU), they are inmates of the central prison of Beau-Bassin who placed the orders.

On Tuesday September 27, the team of ADSU from the South division seized a parcel addressed to a 54 year old resident of Chemin-Grenier. In the birthday card 16.8 grams of heroin were present. The drug was substituted before a controlled delivery operation was performed Thursday September 29, under the supervision of the Superintendent of Police Sharir Azima.

The envelope was delivered to the address in question. In the absence of the fifties, it was his 26 year old son who acknowledged the receipt of the package. The police were quick to arrive on the scene. A search of his house has allowed investigators to seize electronic scales and cellophane.

The mother and son were then taken to the office of the ADSU for questioning. They claimed not to be aware of the contents of the package and were allowed to go home on the order of the police assistant superintendent Jacques Jean Pierre.

On Wednesday September 28, a greeting card ‘For a special couple on your wedding’ containing 16.6 grams of heroin was received at the central post office. It was addressed to a resident of Cape Malheureux. The next day a policeman disguised as a postman and went to the address. The package was recovered by a 15 year old schoolboy.

The police immediately raided the premises. The teenager ignored what was in the package. His father and mother also denied any involvement in the case. The father of the schoolboy told investigators that the letter was addressed to his late brother. He added that they continue to receive his mails. They were allowed to return home.

In addition, three other envelopes containing a total of 79.4 grams of heroin were intercepted at the central post office by members of the drug squad in the West Division on Tuesday. They were all addressed to inhabitants of Petite-Rivière. Two days later, a controlled delivery operation has been established.

The police landed in Petite-Rivière to inquire about the identity of the recipients of the parcels because their addresses were incomplete. They later learnt that two of them have passed away.