[Exclusive Video] MyT: Julien Reveals The Unprofessional Work Completed By MyT Technicians

An internet user Julien sent us a few photos and a video on Sunday October 2 showing the unprofessional work and miscommunication between staffs and technicians of MyT.


Technician screwed up his wall by putting a hole.

According to the user, he waited for a month for the installation of a fixed line. However, he is now looking into the void.

MyT technicians were supposed to come at his place after an appointment on Monday September 26 between 1:00 and 4:00 PM. He waited for them after missing a day at work. The technician called him at 4:30 PM to say that workers are hardened and they will not be able to come for the installation work.

The technician told him, “Si ou informe bureau zot pou remette rendez-vous la dan 1 mois.” The workers came at his place on Wednesday September 28 but screwed up his wall by putting a hole by accident. After the installation, one of the worker requested the man to go and pay the deposit at the office.

Watch video:

Julien then went to pay the deposit the next day and applied for MyT. However, he was told that no technician reported the completed installation of the fixed line at Julien’s place to the office. Thus, he could not complete the application for MyT on that precise day. Julien was disappointed and confused at the same time.

On the next day, Julien received a call asking him if he wanted to go ahead with the fixed line installation. He told the woman on line that the installation was completed.

“Comment se fait il que vous ne sachiez pas que la ligne a été installé alors que j’ai déjà payé le dépôt?,” said Julien. He remains in the dark after the unprofessional work done by MyT staffs and technicians.