Moka Trail: Olivier Rozar Dies 400m From The Line

Moka Trail is mourning. This is the first trail event in Mauritius to register the death of a participant. Indeed, on Saturday October 1 at La Laura, when the distribution of awards started around 11:15 AM, the siren of the ambulance sounded. Olivier Rozar, participating in 15 km run, had just died after suffering a malaise about 400 meters from the finish.

Olivier Rozar had testified to the positive transformation that had taken place in his life since he began to practice trail.

Olivier Rozar had testified to the positive transformation that had taken place in his life since he began to practice trail.

Nous avions terminé notre épreuve et nous sommes retournés sur nos pas, pour aller rejoindre nos amis et les encourager dans les deux derniers kilomètres. Nous les avons rejoints effectivement et alors que nous regagnions l’arrivée, nous étions à environ 400 mètres de la ligne, nous avons croisé une personne qui était sur le sol. Des trailers lui prodiguaient les premiers soins. Ils avaient appelé le numéro d’urgence et un médecin courait pour venir à son chevet. L’ambulance aussi approchait. La personne en difficulté avait été placée en bordure de sentier,” says a trailer who attended unknowingly the last moments of Olivier Rozar who was about to complete the 15 km.

On behalf of the Rando Trail and Nature Committee, I would like to present my deepest sympathies to Olivier Rozar’s family and loved ones. He loved trail and made us all laugh with his quotes, pictures and jokes. He will be remembered as an example for many of us and we will miss his big smile and jokes at the races. You ran your last race today but wherever you are may you Rest In Peace. Farewell brother and don’t make them laugh to much up there, “said Jean-Marc Rivet, President of Rando & Nature Trail on Facebook where reactions were numerous. All are expressing sadness and amazement especially as several trailers crossed Olivier Rozar shortly before the start of the 15 km run.

All Internet users have praised the memory of a man who loved life, who was always cheerful and joking. “Trop triste! Franchement Olivier a toujours été le boute-en-train qui respirait la joie de vivre. Il adorait le trail et cela se voyait sur tous les parcours à travers le pays. Sa joie rayonnait sur tous les autres participants et personnellement je peux dire que j’ai été heureux et honoré de l’avoir connu. Merci Olivier Rozar pour ton large sourire, tes blagues, tes échanges colorés et épicés. Merci de nous avoir toujours partagé ta bonne humeur et ta volonté d’aller au bout de tes rêves. Je présente mes sympathies à toute sa famille. Merci pour tout Olivier. On dit toujours que les meilleurs partent avant… et là tu nous as – tristement – tous devancés. Tu me manqueras cher ami,” wrote Jean-Yvan Marechal. “Son sourire va nous manquer. Mes sympathies à toute la famille d’Olivier,” said Jean-Paul Le Blanc.

Olivier Rozar, 38, was a student at the Lycée La Bourdonnais. He made his graduate studies at the University Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV. Last December, during the evening awards at Hennessy hotel in Ebene, he was invited by Rando Trail & Nature to share his testimony about the positive transformation that had taken place in his life since he began to practice trail with the audience.

Statement from organizers
A participant in Moka Trail, Olivier Rozar, 38 years old fell ill less than a kilometer from the finish by mid-day. The race doctor, accompanied by his team present on the spot, rescued him in as soon as possible and he was rushed to the nearest hospital where his death was confirmed. The exact causes of death will be determined after a medical examination. The organizers and the whole family of “Moka Trail” wish to express their deepest condolences to his family.