Oldest Woman In Mauritius: 113 Year Old Olga Agar Wants To Live Up To 120 Years

Live another seven years at least! This is the wish of Olga Yvonne Agar, the oldest person living in Mauritius. She celebrated her 113 years in June, surrounded by her family.

Olga Agar is the oldest woman living in Mauritius Island.

Olga Agar is the oldest woman living in Mauritius Island.

She is a centenary in great shape and all charming that was met in Pamplemousses. She lives happily with her daughter.

Olga Yvonne Agar, born on June 28 1903, exudes health. She is clear and tidy. She makes a daily nap everyday to stay fresh.

Her radiant face suggests that she is in the arms of angels to protect her sleep. Olga Yvonne loves good company and be the center of conversation. When speaking to her, we must raise our voices. Indeed, Olga Yvonne is a little hard of hearing.
She got married to Alois Agar when she was 24 and moved to Mon-Loisir where her husband was a mechanic. His nimble fingers made her a famous seamstress. Hundreds of brides wore robes bearing her signature.

Olga Yvonne gave birth to six boys and four girls. She never missed Mass and insisted that her children say their prayers before going to sleep. After the death of her husband, she had a lot of grief but agreed that “God needs people He loves.”

She took up residence with her daughter in Pamplemousses 12 years ago. The latter said that her mother is in good health despite her 113 years, but since the death of his son two years ago, she is overwhelmed by grief and no longer works. However, she is still lucid.

From time to time, Olga Yvonne loves sipping whiskey and eating chicken wings. She wakes up every day at 5:00 AM. After her toilet and a solid breakfast, she goes back to bed to sleep in. Every night before bed, she says her prayers: le Notre Père et l’Ave Maria among others.
At the age of 110, she was in great shape and was moving without anyone’s help. Since the death of his son two years ago, she has somewhat lost her joy. However, she kept a great relationship with the widow of his son who comes to visit her twice a day . “Si mo mank sa Lorraine la mo mank tou,” she said. Lorraine, who lives across the street, loves to hug and caress her graying hair as if she was a baby.

When Olga Yvonne was asked what she wants to accomplish at this age, she smiled. She said she wants to live up to 120 years with a smile. Olga is always surrounded and loves the company of her children, her 23 grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren. For them, it is a pride to have a person of that age in the Agar family. “Elle est la protectrice de la famille,” they say.

The whole family wants Olga to stay healthy and continues to make them happy.