Port Louis: A Suspect – “C’est l’ex copine du superviseur qui a commandite ce vol”

A 23 year old supervisor was assaulted with saber and robbed Rs 150,000 on Wednesday morning at the Royal Street in Port Louis. The Port Louis South CID has arrested three suspects on Thursday following their investigation. One of them has confessed.

The three suspects are Jean-Daniel Polin, alias Danny (43), Kenny Rodney Boot (30), a recidivist, and Christophe Savriacouty (30 years old), a mason, all inhabitants of Roche-Bois.
When questioned, Jean-Daniel Polin told investigators that his partner and himself have indeed attacked the supervisor of a supermarket on Wednesday September 28.

“C’est l’ex-petite amie de la victime qui a commandité ce vol. Elle m’a dit que son ex-amoureux, qui est superviseur d’un supermarché, a l’habitude d’aller à la banque chaque matin pour déposer une forte somme d’argent. Elle m’a demandé d’attaquer le superviseur et de lui voler son argent. Mo finn rod de kamarad. Enn finn vey garson-la sorti e li finn appel nou. Enn komplis ek mwa inn pran motosiklet pou al atak li. Monn zet delo pima lor li e monn aras so sak kass,” admitted Jean Daniel Polin to the men of SP Behary.

Unsuccessful search
Jean-Daniel Polin said to have hidden the money in the back of his house under a large stone. After interrogation, the investigators led him to his home where they conducted a search but nothing incriminating was found. The sleuths also conducted a search at the place where John Daniel Polin revealed to have hidden the money but in vain. “Mo ti gard kass la lamem e mo pa kone kouma linn disparet,” said Jean-Daniel Polin to investigators. As for Kenny Rodney Botte and Christophe Savriacouty, they denied outrightly the allegations made against them. The three suspects were detained. They appeared before the Bail and Remand Court.

The supervisor of the supermarket who was admitted to the Dr. A. G. Jeetoo hospital was allowed to return home on Friday September 30. He had the tendon of his right hand severed.

The investigation, conducted by the sergeants Ramjaun and Chowreemootoo, is under the supervision of the Superintendent of Police (SP) Sailesh Kumar Behary.