Closed Community Center: Surinam Residents Furious

The regulars were denied access to the Surinam community center last week. An association had rented the hall for a prayer session. The people went unhappy.

The police parleying with disgruntled residents.

The police parleying with disgruntled residents.

During the last week, that is on Friday 23 and Saturday September 24, the social center of Surinam was closed. An organization reserved the social center for organizing prayer sessions. However, such an activity did not please the regulars of this center. Kisnasamy Appavoo, a social worker explains the fury of the villagers.

“During prayer sessions, the volleyball field of the social center was converted into a parking. And the courtyard was lit up very late in the evening, while normally the children of the region need to engage in their usual activities in the dark. Volleyball amateurs could not play their tournament. The ladies could not practice yoga. The center should have placed a notice to inform the inhabitants of the unavailability of the center. I was forced to file a complaint at the police station in the area to denounce this practice,” said the social worker Kisnasamy Appavoo.

He says the center regulars respect the faith of others, but they are asking questions. “Does the managers of the social center have the right to “rent” the social center for such activities? Why he did not notify the inhabitants of this downtime? Why was the social center available to this group while other activities were already planned? Why did he prevent access to the volleyball field by posting policemen?

Dinesh Soobah orders the institution of an investigation. The head of the Social Welfare Division of the Department of Social Security said that this decision was taken at a regional level. “The social center is not available for all kinds of activities. Each center has its steering committee, but I will investigate into this matter,” reacts the manager.