Hit And Run In Mahebourg: Killed By A Van After Leaving Mosque

Another fatal accident occurred on our roads. 66 year old Abdool Reshad Nunkoo who lives in Mahebourg was the victim of a hit and run on Saturday night October 1. The former school teacher was returning home from the mosque when the tragedy occurred. He did not survive his injuries. The Mahebourg CID has arrested a suspect, Dinesh T., on Sunday afternoon October 2.

It is while crossing the road that the tragedy occurred near the bus shelter in Mahebourg.

It is while crossing the road that the tragedy occurred near the bus shelter in Mahebourg.

The victim was the vice president of the mosque in the locality. On Saturday, he went out of his house at the Delex street and headed for the mosque which is just a few meters from his home. Around 8:30 PM, while returning home from prayer, the tragedy struck. While the former school teacher was crossing the road to reach home, he was fatally hit by a van that was traveling towards Mahébourg. The reckless driver continued driving after the accident.Passers witnessed the scene and alerted the police of the area who rushed to the scene.

SAMU were also called in place. However, caregivers found out that the victim had passed away. The body was taken to the morgue of Candos. The report of the autopsy performed by Dr. Sudesh Kumar Gungadin on Sunday, head of the forensic department, and Dr. Prem Shaman, revealed that the victim died from multiple injuries.

Last Tribute
There is misunderstanding at the Nunkoo family. “No one expected such a tragedy,” says one of his daughters. “On Saturday night I saw my father, he was well. He went to do his prayers as usual,” she said. Father of ten children – seven boys and three girls – Abdool Reshad Nunkoo retired several years ago. He remained very active in his community. “My father did social work and took care of others,” says Usama, one of his son.

There were many to go to the victim’s home to pay their last tribute. “Li ti korek ek tou dimoune. Li extra dur,” says his daughter. Osman Jaunboccus, rector of the Doha Academy of Phoenix, lives in the same village as the victim. “We had good relations,” he said. He deplored the absence of traffic lights at the accident site. “We have submitted requests to the authorities so that traffic lights are installed on this stretch of the road. Many people attend the mosque. Officers of the Traffic Management and Road Safety Unit (TMRSU) have already visited the site, but nothing has been done in this direction. We encourage the authorities to act to prevent other such accidents. I hope that this appeal will not fall into deaf ears,” said the rector. The funeral of the victim took place on Sunday afternoon October 2.

In the wake of this investigation, Constable Bhowarkhan and colleagues from the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Mahébourg tracked the driver. He is Dinesh T., a local resident. The partially damaged vehicle was recovered in a yard in Forest Side. The suspect, known to police, will appear before the court of Mahébourg under an interim charge of manslaughter on Monday October 3.