Rivière-du-Rempart/ Jin Fei: Four Police Officers Assaulted During The Weekend

Police were called in Rivière du Rempart following a request on Sunday October 2. Once on the scene, the two police officers surprised three youths, aged 18, 22 and 27 years respectively, bickering and shouting expletives in the middle of the road. They were ordered to calm down and follow the police to the police station of the locality. But the three young people did not see it that way.

Angry, two of them manhandled the policemen and threw objects toward their vehicle. They were arrested and taken to the police station in Rivière du Rempart where a search was conducted on them. Cannabis was found in the possession of the youngest of them. The third individual who was not involved in the assault was released on parole after his interrogation.

Regarding the two police officers, they were slightly injured.

The day before, two other police officers of the Special Supporting Unit (SSU) suffered the same fate. They were patrolling the region of Jin Fei in Riche-Terre around 1:51 PM when they surprised two men on a motorcycle, whose attitude seemed suspicious to them. These were ordered to stop and provide their identities. But they did not cope with the officers.

They attacked the police officers before taking control of the bag of one of them. The bag contained a Log Book, car keys, personal documents and a sum of Rs 1 500. The thugs fled after the assault. The Terre-Rouge Police has opened an investigation and the perpetrators are actively sought.