Suspected overdose: A 43 Year Old Man Found Dead Aboard A Tugboat

A macabre discovery was made on a tugboat of company Ionian Sea. The body of Shamonin Nikita, 43, was found in his cabin on Saturday October 1. The Russian, third engineer on board, was sitting in his chair. An autopsy by Dr. Sudesh Kumar Gungadin attributed the death to pulmonary edema which is due to an overdose.

The tug master who informed the National Coast Guard (NCG) and the police of the port of the gruesome discovery he made. A team led by the chief inspector Navin Mohesh, elements of the Scene of Crime Office and NCG then landed at the scene. They found a syringe and a capsule containing traces of a substance suspected to be drugs in front of the corpse.

The port police was back on the tug yesterday for a search of the deceased’s cabin. This allowed detectives to recover a certain amount of powder suspected to be heroin packed in aluminum foil.