[Audio] Drugs: The Rising For The Decriminalization Of Cannabis In Mauritius

The socially oriented organization The Rising calls for the decriminalization of cannabis. This is what has hinted the president Anishta Babooram-Seeruttun before the President of the Commission of the drug investigation Paul Lam Shang Leen in Port Louis on Monday October 3.

“It has become very easy to get to the synthetic drug, which is much more harmful than Cannabis. It has now been proven that marijuana has benefits,” said Anishta Babooram-Seeruttun. However, she says, its use must be regulated. The president of The Rising has also established a direct link with poverty and the use of drugs. “Poor people are easy prey. This is what we found during our field work,” she says.

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The Rising work in villages such as L’Escalier, Baie-du-Tombeau and Pamplemousses. They operate to help families in need, especially in terms of food. “And here we learn that a child of eight years for example can easily get access of synthetic drugs,” says the president.

Note that a two assessors of the Commission, namely Sam Lauthan, asked if the association was not politically active. Faced with the negative response of Anishta Babooram-Seeruttun, Sam Lauthan seemed quite skeptical.