[Exclusive Video] A Mother Whips Her Son After Learning That He Is A Thief

A brave mother of saint-Pierroise family made the buzz on Facebook. More than 70,000 people have viewed the video. The reasons for this success? We see a very angry mother giving a true correction with belt blows to a 16 year old child for an “aggravated theft”. He is accused of stealing the purse of a man, apparently known to the family, along with a group of friends.

She started by opening the “live” video on her Facebook and began the scene in front of a growing number of Internet users who followed the whipping.

Watch video:

She first started by making Alfredo read aloud the letter she had received from Justice on camera. And as the terrorized boy was slow to comply, she continued to make her morality and threaten in a particularly ornate Creole, before he eventually comply.

With a great good sense, she reminded him like a litany, the sacrifices she had endured to educate him and her two other children. And blame him for receiving this kind of mail.

At another point in the video (which we publish above), she said that if all parents were like her, there would be less thieves in Reunion Island.

There will always be a few malcontents to denounce the belt blows she administered to her son. For our part, we can only say: “Bravo, Madame”. Indeed, if all mothers were like you, there would be fewer offenders. Today we no longer have the right to slap a child. Result: they took power in their own families and fear nothing.

This brave mom deserves all our respect for her courage and determination to properly educate her children to ensure they do not deviate from the right path.

A few hours after the live, more than 70,000 people had viewed the video and most of the reviews saluted the brave mother.