Melrose Prison: Drugs Distributed During A Birthday Party

An extraordinary birthday celebration took place at the Melrose prison on Sunday September 25.

One of the notorious drug traffickers Peroomal Veeren wanted to celebrate his birthday by distributing cake and drugs to his fellow prisoners. The inmate was transferred to the central prison the next day.

“The scene were implausible. Detainees in other sections of the prison were crossing fences to get to this birthday party where drugs were being distributed in galore. It was a feast for the detainees.” It is in these terms that the Correctional and Emergency Response Team staffs described the event which took place last week at the Eastern High Security Prison in Melrose.

Guards have been a part of the scene through CCTV surveillance cameras. One of them said that the party was held, as agreed, at around 11 AM. All detainees were invited. Peroomal Veeren, who was to celebrate his 40th anniversary, ordered a cake costing Rs 500 a few days ago and the pastry department officials was responsible for the cake order. The forty year old man is serving a 30 years in jail sentence.

The invited inmates each received a slice of the birthday cake. The guests were then treated with drugs provided by the forties for free. The distribution of the drugs news spread quickly. And in no time, the multipurpose room of the prison where the party was held was filled. A witness said that a spat has also erupted between prisoners who were in a daze after consuming drugs.

The influx of prisoners at the place of the party eventually put a flea in the ears of the prison responsible. They were quick to intervene under heavy escort. They renewed the inmates to their respective cells. They then alerted the Prison Commissioner Vinod Appadoo.

He condemned the turmoil that occurred as well as the celebration of the anniversary of the alleged drug dealer. “I am against holding birthdays in prison. It is a practice introduced by the previous directions, to which I intend to end soon,” said Vinod Appadoo.