[Exclusive] Medical Negligence: “Mo ti ser manque trouve la mort si mo pa amen li clinik”

13 year old Hajra was admitted to the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam National (SSRN) Hospital on the 3rd of August as she was feeling unwell.

Hajra has difficulties to walk.

Hajra has difficulties to walk.

After a few tests, doctors claimed that she was suffering from chicken pox (varicelle). The girl was given a few medicines but things turned ugly when the medicines started showing adverse effects on the latter’s health.

After staying in hospital for two days, Hajra’s elder sister Joan decided to take her to a private clinic where doctors revealed that Hajra was not suffering from chicken pox. She was immediately diagnosed of Stevens—Johnson syndrome (a life-threatening skin condition).
Hajra’s treatment started the soonest and is now recovering slowly but her sister lashes her discontentment against the medical services of the SSRN: “si mo pas amen li clinik zordi mo ti pou perdi mo ti ser”.
The family of Hajra is now seeking justice for the latter. She will be holding a walk for justice in the coming days.