Pornographic Video On Facebook: The CCID Opens An Investigation

A pornographic video is making the buzz since yesterday, Tuesday October 4. In the video we can see a 13 year old girl from the northern region and a young man of 19 years. Contacted last night, Mario Nobin, the police commissioner, said he ordered an investigation to the Central Criminal Investigation Department.

According to a source, the juvenile of the Northern Division arrested the young man last week with a charge of “Causing child to be sexually abused.” He has since been released on bail. As for the girl, she was interrogated by the police. The Child Development Unit is also investigating on the matter.

The video was filmed in December 2015 and shows the two in a tent. The girl gives verbal instructions to her boyfriend. She calls him “gat” affectionately.
On Facebook, it is understood the two youngsters maintained a love affair but they separated afterward. The video clip was already circulating via Bluetooth in a northern college and landed on the social network Facebook yesterday. Mauritian visitors were able to see the shared video over a thousands of times on Facebook. A Whatsapp message from the victim to explain about the clip was also shared on the social network.

In the aftermath, many comments fuse between mocking and tasteless jokes that have mushroomed on the social network.