Riviere-du-Rempart: A Truck Gets Stuck In A Dangerous Gaping Hole

A gaping hole is posing a real threat danger on Nunka Road in Rivière du Rempart.

The vehicle was stuck for over half an hour.

The vehicle was stuck for over half an hour.

On Tuesday 4th of October the wheel of a truck was stuck there for over half an hour during dawn. Thanks to the help of volunteers, the truck was taken out of the gaping hole after much effort. Vishal Foolchand, the owner of the truck, denounces the lack of reaction of the District Council of Riviere du Rempart.

According to the 35 year old truck driver, several complaints were made to the local authority to request for the repair of this broken slab, but in vain.

When asked to comment on the issue, the chairman of the district council of Rivière du Rempart, Goorooduth Chuckun, said that he intends to send an inspector on site to carry out an assessment of the situation and take appropriate action.