[Video] Arnaud Casquette: “Je présente mes excuses a la société”

The former long jump champion arrested by police on Tuesday September 27 is now on parole.

Arnaud Casquette has paid a deposit of Rs 40,000 and signed an acknowledgment of debt of Rs 500,000 at the Rose Hill Court on Wednesday afternoon, October 5.

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Suspected of involvement in a series of thefts in Quatre Bornes, Arnaud Casquette presented his excuse in a statement to reporters as he left the Rose Hill Court and “apologized to the society” before promising to “change his life”.

During questioning, Arnaud Casquette, 38, has confessed to the theft of candy in a “pastry” and stealing a “grinder” at the home of an adviser to a minister in Quatre-Bornes.

Arnaud Casquette was already on parole after a first arrest for theft.