Zafirr And Lubnaa Golamaully, Former Students Of Elite Colleges Became Terrorists

Ou trouvé dan ki léta mo été ? Plitar mo pou kozé.” These were the few words of Rechad Golamaully.

Zafirr golamaully was a former student of Port Louis Royal College where as his sister Lubnaa was a former Queen Elizabeth student. The children of the teacher of a state college are stuck to the anti-terrorism cell of the Prime Minister’s Office. They are currently in Syria where they joined the Islamic State.

Countenance fell on Rechad Golamaully who spoke in a barely audible voice to L’Express late yesterday afternoon at his home in Vacoas. Elements of anti-terrorist cell will go there on Wednesday October 5 for questioning his wife Zulekha, who is also a teacher, and himself. They are known as “good people” by their neighbors.

Investigators are particularly interested in the profile of their son Zafirr Rechad Golamaully, born on 21 February 1989. He left the country in March 14, 2014 for Dubai. Her sister went for her higher education in South Africa.

This case came when the brother of Rechad Golamaully, Muhammad Iqbal, and his sister-in-law Nazimabee have confessed funding Zafirr, 27, the Islamic State fighter on Monday October 3 before the Old Bailey Court in London. Iqbal and Nazimabee Golamaully, aged 48 and 46, will learn their fate on Thursday November 10 (see more details below).

This case is treated with the utmost importance at the Government House. The Prime Minister was informed by the Deputy Police Commissioner Lockhdev Hoolash, who is also the director of the anti-terrorist cell and CEO of the National Security Service, according to  a source at the Government House.

Surveillance has since been strengthened for those leaving for Turkey. Passengers should incur more tight profiling. And the list of Mauritians who did not return to the country will be updated. And this might suggest the number of people who could have join the Islamic State in Syria.

A source says that to date, 25 people are stuck in Mauritius as terrorists. It is noted that five compatriots are still fighting for Syria and the Islamic State.

Lubnaa joined his brother in March
In an online conversation, Muhammad Iqbal Golamaully asked his niece Lubnaa “to revolutionize the Islamic Concept Amongst our close relative.” In March 2015, the young woman went in Syria to join his brother. She told his uncle that his brother bought a gun. His uncle advised her: “You must learn to use it now.” This case was widely reported in the British press. The arrest of this local couple established in England took place last year, according to an investigation of major Counter Terrorism Command of the Metropolitan Police Service on international financial network of the Islamic State.