[Audio] Bel-Ombre: A Fisherman Sanjay Bholah Dies Drowned

A 61 year old fisherman was drowned at 11:00 PM on Wednesday October 5 at Bel Ombre.

Sanjay Bholah, living Bel Ombre, died when the boat in which he was accompanied by his son Sunil overturned. They were not wearing lifejackets.

The son said that a wave capsized the boat and he could call for help only when he regained the mainland.

The lifeless body of Sanjay Bholah was pull out of the water shortly after the wreck by the chief inspector Issuri’s team of the National Coast Guard Western Division (NCG) of Bel Ombre. The body was taken to the morgue of the Rose-Belle Hospital.

Listen to audio:

“Enn la oul kinn vir nou bato anba lao. Lerla mo papa inn tom dan delo. Vag la inn tir mo papa lor bato. Mo ti ress lor bato ek mo bato inn ale mem inn al tom lor sek. Mwa osi monn al tom dan delo. Pann gayn separ mo papa,” said Sanjay’s son Sunil Bholah on Radio Plus.