[Video] Au Morne: 17 Year-Old South African Teenager Dies After Being Beaten By Her Step Mother

17 year old Mundolene Vosloo, a South African tourist was found dead at the RIU hotel in Morne at around 4.15 pm on Wednesday. According to sources, the victim was assaulted on her head by her stepmother Maria Vosloo before succumbing to her injuries Police are still investigating.

Police officers from the Major Crimes Investigation Team (MCIT) of the Criminal Police (CID) and the head of the forensic department, Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, were summoned to the scene for an initial observation.

After Dr. Gungadin examined the victim’, her body was transported to the morgue of the Candos hospital. An autopsy should be performed by Thursday morning. This South African family, comprising of the husband, the suspect and the three children – two boys aged 14 and 8 years, and the victim – arrived in Mauritius on Tuesday.

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According to sources, the teenager did not want her stepmother (the second wife of her father) to bring her 14 year old brother to Mauritius. But ultimately, the boy accompanied them and apparently he has been the source of disputes since the arrival of the South African family in the country.

The stepmother is a 34 year old pharmacist and she explains that a dispute erupted around 2 p.m on Wednesday by the pool because of a napkin affair.  « Ma belle-fille avait mauvais caractère. Elle était colérique » she said.

Then around 4 p.m, another fight broke out near the restaurant, again because of a towel story. The stepmother had grabbed her stepdaughter in the arm, but she resisted. The suspect then kicked her in the head. Maria Vosloo says she then left the scene. It was only later that her son told him that Mundolene lay motionless on the ground. She had passed away.

As for the biological father of the victim, he told investigators that he does not know what happened, because he was not at the scene at the time of the tragedy.

The stepmother was conducted in the office of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Black River. Around 10.30 p.m the Vosloo family went to the CID. Ministry officers of Child Development and Welfare of the family were also present. Maria Vosloo, who was arrested is in currently in police custody. The pharmacist will appear in the court of Bamboo on Thursday.

The Vosloo family arrived in Mauritius on Tuesday. They were expected to leave the country on 11th of October.