Lotto: A Couple Blessed By Their Animals Affected By FMD Disease

The woman, living in the south, came to fetch her check of Rs 9,922,460 on Friday October 7 at the headquarters of Lottotech in Ébène.

165th jackpot winner.

165th jackpot winner.

She had checked the six correct numbers in the Lotto draw on Saturday 24 September. Why wait all this time? She wanted all her children are gathered to announce the good news.

With Rs 100, the rancher wife became a multimillionaire. It has validated his ticket at Tamarin Store:

“After the FMD, my husband and I lost a lot of our animals. Now we had a fluke by winning the lottery,” she says to the Lottotech.

“As for the projects, she will first make a donation to the sick children and also to the temple. She adds that she will buy a car for her daughter and build a house for her son, invest in their small businesses and will fly for the first time with her family,” the Lottotech statement said.

Lottotech recalls that a jackpot of Rs 10.2 million of the draw on 10 September [05 – 08 – 14 – 23 – 29 – 34]  is still unclaimed.