Rivière Noire: Sylvia Raped By Ex Boyfriend After He Covered Her Face With A Towel

A young woman of 21, from the West, made a complaint to the police on Friday September 30.

She alleged that her ex-boyfriend forced her to sexual abuse in Black River. The young man dragged her on a fallow land, a towel over her head before abusing her. The suspect was arrested on Sunday.


The victim Sylvia (pseudonym) narrated the abuse she says she suffered in details to the police. The incident allegedly took place on September 24. Sylvia said that she was in Black River at 1:30 PM. She then crossed her former boyfriend. “Il est jardinier. Il a tenté de me parler, j’ai refusé et j’ai poursuivi mon chemin,” she revealed to the police.

A few meters away, the gardener met two of his friends. “Soudain, on m’a recouvert la tête avec une serviette que l’on a nouée autour de mon cou. Mon ex-copain m’a demandé de marcher sans faire de bruit,” added Sylvia. This is the beginning of her nightmare. “Il m’a traînée un peu plus loin et m’a forcée à m’allonger sur le sol…”

Sylvia saw that the man was his ex boyfriend when the latter removed the towel from her face. “Il m’a empêché de crier et m’a agressée. Puis, il a enlevé mes vêtements et m’a violée,” said Sylvia. The gardener then fled from the scene. The traumatized young woman did not report the drama she experienced to anyone. But she broke her silence after six days. She went to the Black River police station to complain about the incident. The suspect was arrested on the next Sunday. However, he denied any involvement in the case. He appeared in Bamboo court under a provisional charge of rape and sodomy.