Anwar Hussein Battling A Tumor: “Mo chagrin mo ti fille. Mo pas pou trouve li grandi”

Anwar Hussein Chotoye was the manager of the department “Procurement & Supply” in the office of the election commission. He was leading a peaceful life with his family but his life changed drastically after he lost his eyesight utterly.

He has an eight year old daughter and is married since 13 years now. He reveals that he had big plans for his only daughter.

Everything started in 2014 after suffering from pain in his head. Anwar Hussein thought it was a visual problem. He paid a visit to Dr. Jean Jose Isabelle, an ophthalmologist.

He is told that the optic nerve that connects the eye to the brain is in bad shape. Dr. Isabelle prescribed an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) brain. The MRI findings revealed a tumor of 6 cm from the left side of the head. Anwar Hussein was taken to the hospital Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Pamplemousses for treatment. The doctor May was in charge of the neurology department. Still in 2014 at their own expense and with the help of colleagues and parents, Anwar Hussein and his wife Kaneez travelled to India.


He was admitted to the hospital SMH Curie Cancer Centre. After two months, he returned to Mauritius and Indian doctors recommended regular radiotherapy. Anwar did not  suffer from more pain and resumed a normal life.  In the month of October 2015 he relapsed after feeling the same symptoms as those of the first and views began to drop. He contacted his Indian doctor who suggested  radiotherapy treatment that is available in India.

In 2015 his wife who worked in an attorney decided to retire so as to take care of her husband and accompany him in his travels in India. The Ministry of Health under the Overseas Treatment Scheme bore part of the costs and to cover the other party turns to his fellow officers, friends and relatives.

« J’ai été obligée d’arrêter de travailler comme clerc d’avoué pour pouvoir bénéficier de la subvention de Rs 500,000 du ministère de la Santé » says Kaneez. In the end of 2015, Anwar Hussein’s health condition deteriorates. The tumor has grown 9 cm and represents a mortal danger . At any time Anwar Hussein may enter a coma. His view is completely blocked and the words are slow to come out of his mouth. He forgets the name of his daughter and only recognizes a person by voice. To repel the tumor, doctors recommended injections Bevacuzumab and Irenotecan that cost a fortune.

Anwar Hussein is no longer working and his wife is unemployed. The salary he touches still proves insufficient to cover costs. Injections can cost up to Rs 75,000 every fortnight besides clinic fees and other drugs. Fortunately a good Samaritan private took steps to find the injections cost. Anwar Hussein reveals: “Mo ti pe amène ene bon la vie avec mo famille. Allah fine oulé ki mo passe par banne moments difficiles. Mo accepté li mais mo chagrin mo ti fille. Mo pas pou trouve li grandi”.

Anwar Hussein and Kaneez are now launching an aid appeal in the form of money to help them buy the injections and medications. Without this money for injections and other expenses Anwar’s health may deteriorate. Kaneez fights with all her strength alongside her husband to save his life. You can call Kaneez on 57850704 and 2409856. She thanked all those who helped her husband to hold out until now and asked the brothers and sisters to think about Anwar in their daily prayers. “Azordi Anwar demain capave n’importe ki sanela” says Kaneez  with a heavy heart.