Father Of The Victim: “Mon epouse etait jalouse de mon affection pour ma fille”

During a heated argument, Maria Magdalena Vosloo struck her stepdaughter Mundolene Vosloo, 17, in the head. The teenager died a few moments later. The relations between the two were strained for a long time, according to the father of the victim.

Mike Vosloo told investigators that his wife (left) and her daughter started to dispute while assigning towels near the swimming pool.

Mike Vosloo told investigators that his wife (left) and her daughter started to dispute while assigning towels near the swimming pool.

The dream holiday in Mauritius turned into a nightmare for the Vosloo family. On Wednesday afternoon, Mundolene Vosloo, a South African tourist aged 17, died after being hit in the head by her stepmother Maria Magdalena Vosloo during a heated argument. The drama took place in Riu Creole Club Hotel and Resort in Le Morne.

Two days after the tragedy, the police investigated and see more clearly in the conflict between the girl and her stepmother, a pharmacist of 39 years. The broken father of the teenager Mike Vosloo said during his hearing by the police: “My daughter and I were very close. My second wife reproached me on. She was jealous of the affection I had for Mundolene.” The 46 year old South African added that this is what would have been the cause of many disputes.

Maniska Van Smuts, the biological mother of the victim, arrived in Mauritius on Thursday October 6 accompanied by her brother. Staying in a hotel in the capital, she went to the morgue to see the body of her daughter. She will be heard on Saturday October 8 by detectives from the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) on the relations between Mundolene Vosloo and the second wife of her ex-husband.

Mike Vosloo and Maniska Van Smuts separated several years ago. They have a daughter, Mundolene, and a boy now aged 14 whose custody was awarded to the mother. It was only during the weekend that the two children went with their father who had a new life with Maria Magdalena. Mike and his second wife have an 11-year-old son.

However, the relations between the stepmother and the girl were not looking good. After her arrest, Maria Magdalena Vosloo told investigators of the CID that her stepdaughter had mood swings, “She got angry easily.”

Initially, Mundolene Vosloo was hesitant to come on holiday in Mauritius. She later agreed to make the trip because of her brother. The family arrived in Mauritius on October 4 and had to depart on October 11.

According to Mike Vosloo, who works in a mine in South Africa, they did snorkeling before traveling beside the hotel pool on the day of the tragedy. This is where things got nastier. In his statement to investigators, the forty explained that there were only three towels available for five people. The girl and her stepmother started to dispute while assigning towels. “I told them to go take another two,” Mike Vosloo told the police. “But the situation escalated. We then had cocktails. Maria launched a lemon on my daughter then she launched her glass.”

Heated argument
After this incident, the pharmacist went in her room with the company of her son and went to bed. When she woke up at around 4:00 PM, a violent dispute broke out again. The thirties hit the girl in the head.

Mundolene then exited the room. At around 4:30 PM, she collapsed in the grounds of the hotel. Her death was confirmed later. Mike Vosloo said he was not present at that moment. The autopsy revealed that the girl died of an intracranial hemorrhage.

Arrested on the day of the tragedy, Maria Magdalena Vosloo admitted having clashed with Mundolene and giving her a shot. She was provisionally charged with murder. She remains in police cell.