Presence Of Rats: RIU Creole Le Morne Prohibited From New Reservation

Immediate closure of the hotel’s catering service, ban on rebooking and formal ban to new customers as from Monday October 10. These are the three sanctions taken by the Tourism Authority against RIU Creole Le Morne hotel. The news came on Friday afternoon after a meeting between Khoudijah Maudarbocus-Boodoo, director of the Tourism Authority, and an official delegation from the hotel.

This sanction follows a complaint to the customer service of the hotel establishment by a British family who stayed in April last. They have been the center of many disappointments. The list of complaints of Jo Carroll and his companion, Steve Taylor, is long: three room changes due to the presence of rats; two full days of endless drilling noise, due to renovation work on the hotel; a foodborne illness; faulty air conditioning; and above all, one of their two children was injured with a piece of broken glass found in the pool.

The stay at the RIU Creole Le Morne had cost Jo Carroll and Steve Taylor Rs 295,000 (£ 6,500) without health costs superimposed. The case was published in England by The Sun newspaper in its edition of October 3. Solicited by telephone on Friday night, the hotel management has remained unreachable.