[Exclusive] Telfair Garden Souillac: Teens Caught Having Oral Sex

A young couple was seen through a video having oral sex in Telfair garden in Souillac. According to the source, the girl was giving oral pleasure to her partner and the latter recorded the sexual act on his mobile device. See photo below:

Young girl giving oral pleasure to her partner.

Young girl giving oral pleasure to her partner.

We have received information that this clip is circulating through mobile devices and would like to remind people that it is a major offence to be in possession of ‘porno’ clip.

At the start of the video, the girl says: “gat, mo la lev pe fer mal” and her partner replied by saying: “Soucer! soucer!” to continue recording. At one moment, the girl asked: “to p filmer?” and wanted to hide from the camera but the young man continued to film the act.

At the end of the video, the girl told her partner that she was tired but the latter forced her to commit the act. “Fatiguer tou? soucer!” The girl actually seemed to be drunk and not in her state of mind. She was practically ‘forced’ to commit the act as she was not willing to do the act with the camera filming her.

Lately, a video was uploaded on Facebook where 2 minors were caught having sexual intercourse in a camping tent. It made the buzz across the island.

The public was made aware of possession of such video clips is against the law and they could face up to 5 years in prison and a fine not exceeding Rs. 1 million.

Moreover, sexual acts in public is an offence and the couple could face the law if caught. Please delete and stop the distribution of such video clips across electronic devices.