Medical Negligence: Could The Life Of Imran Ahmadally Have Been Saved?

42 year old Imran Ahmadally was hit by a motorcyclist on the 4th of October at around 6.30 p.m at Lenepveu street in Plaine-Verte. The latter was on his way home from a nearby shop when the incident occured and he was in a critical condition after the accident.

Imran Ahmadally was victim of an accident in Plaine Verte.

Imran Ahmadally was victim of an accident in Plaine Verte.

A close relative reveals that Imran was not given proper care at the Jeetoo Hospital. He claims that Imran had to wait for much time in the casualty room despite he was suffering. People even witnessed him crying and bleeding.

When an x-ray was performed, nothing serious was revealed. According to the close relative relative, Imran should have been operated immediately after the results the x-ray. He puts forward this argument as after the death of Imran, the autopsy report revealed that his lungs, kidney and other organs were seriously damaged.

Imran was the father of two children- one aged 1.5 years and the other just 9 months. The family is now facing financial difficulties following the sudden death of Imran.