Résidence Argy: A Corpse Has Been Discovered; Overdose Suspected

After the body of an old lady was discovered in cité La-Cure on Saturday October 8, a body of a man has been discovered at residence Argy in Flacq this Sunday October 9. The man is Rengasamy Ramsay, a resident of 35 years old from the region.

The body was taken to the Flacq Hospital and an autopsy will be performed. According to preliminary reports, it seems that Rengasamy Ramsay died of an overdose. An investigation was opened to shed light on this case.

This case of suspected overdose in Residence Argy comes just days after a team of L’express visited this village that became famous for the proliferation of drugs. The sale of drugs is done with ease and in full view of everyone. Terrified, the residents caulk at home. “Nou pa kapav dir nannié akoz nou per nou lavi. Dimounn inn mor brit isi,” confided a resident in this report.