Arrested With Heroin: A Syringe Discovered In The Locker Of The SSU Officer

After two elements of the police force were arrested with methamphetamine last month, another member of the security forces was caught for possession of heroin on Monday October 10. He is the 21 years old constable Toulaiven Armoogum, a resident of Camp Fouquereaux.

Toulaiven Armoogum arrested for possession of heroin.

Toulaiven Armoogum arrested for possession of heroin.

In recent months, Toulaiven Armoogum has been working in a police station in the Plaines Wilhems. Recently, there have been complaints against him and he was posted to the Special Supporting Unit (SSU) on September 13. He was then placed under surveillance by the sleuths of the Anti Drug & Smuggling Unit (ADSU).

On Monday October 10, a team from the Port Louis ADSU learned that Toulaiven Armoogum bought heroin in the region of Karo Kalyptis. The policeman boarded a taxi before going down to the La Chaussee street in the capital then went to his workplace at the central Barracks.

After getting off the taxi, Toulaiven Armoogum headed the central Barracks when the bloodhounds of ADSU approached him. When questioned, he said he had nothing in his possession. But when he saw that his colleagues were preparing to search him, he said “Mo ena enn doz dan mo soset.”

The ADSU officers have actually found a dose of heroin in the constable’s socks. He was taken to the ADSU headquarters at the central Barracks for an investigation.

A search was conducted in his locker at the SSU and a syringe suspected to be used to inject drugs was found. The house of Toulaiven Armoogum at Camp Fouquereaux was also searched, but no compromising object was found.

The constable is in Moka Detention Centre. He will appear in court in Port Louis under a provisional charge of “possession of drug with aggravating circumstances”. Toulaiven Armoogum, who joined the police force two years ago, has hired a lawyer and will give his version of events on Tuesday October 11. The investigation is under the supervision of the Deputy Police Commissioner Bhojoo.

Police Commissioner Mario Nobin said a zero tolerance policy will be applied to eliminate the black sheep within the police force. “We want to strengthen public confidence in the police. We will identify these policemen gradually and we will get rid of these bad apples,” he said to Radio Plus.