Casela Nature Park: Meet Jason Martin, The Animal Whisperer

23 year old Jason Martin works as guide at the Casela Leisure Park since this year. His rasta look does not go unnoticed at the park and one can deduce that he is happy to be inside the enclosure of lions, caracal and other servals.


Jason whispers in the ears of lions, understands the language of animals and is understood and respected by the trained animals.

Once he gets inside the enclosure of the young lions, he calls them by name: Ombe, Oringo, Kelan, Imani and Zola, three males and two females aged two months. The young lions know his voice and when he approaches them, they are aware that Jason is their protector. He caresses them, plays with them, and takes them in his arms and whispers in their ears.

Even the two-year old adult lions know that Jason is a friend and they respect his actions. But Jason stresses that lions and tigers are predators and are dangerous if safety standards are not met. One should never turn their backs nor squat before an adult lion.

At the Casela Park the guides who make the interaction between visitors and animals are people who have experience. As long as safety standards are met and instructions are well followed, there is no risk. Besides, there has never been a problem with animals at Casela. Jason is attracted by animals since childhood. When watching television, he enjoyed admiring the strength of cats and loved watching them running.

The lions and tigers are very hardy animals and weigh over 500 kg. They are intelligent and understand what is asked. Upon his arrival at Casela, Jason has befriended all felines.

To be hired as a guide, he followed a three-month internship. He thanked his boss Graëme Bistrow and his son Ben, who gave him the chance of securing a job as guide and accompany visitors inside enclosures of animals for interaction sessions.

Since the birth of the young lions, he took care of the animals with the help of other guides. He gave them food and organized games for them. Thus, a special bond has been created between Jason and the animals.

The lions and tigers are fed twice a week. Jason explains that cats are sedentary and grow quickly. They are given meat and chicken as food. Vitamins are added to their meals and a veterinarian takes care of sick animals.

Jason does not want to talk about taming beasts, but rather friendship link. “Relasyon nou ki ena avek zot lezot dimoun pena,” he said. Jason has only good memories with animals, especially with five cubs whom he considers as his babies. He added that the animals are accustomed to the voice of their guide and their smell.

Jason is happy in his environment and admires the work of his colleagues who are very picky, especially when it comes to the safety of visitors. Jason meets visitors of all nationalities and speaks to them to create friendships.

Jason started showing interest in music as a student at the Lycée Mauricien. Inspired by nature, he mounted the Rebellion group. In 2014, he recorded the Harmony piece that evokes the peace in the world. During the same year, they played in a music festival. In 2015, he composed his second single. In 2016, he made a splash with his songs during the Rastafarian festival at Mare- d’Australia and plans to record an album in 2017.

Surrounded by his father Jacques Désiré and his mother Thérèse, whom he greatly admires, the inhabitant of Henrietta had a happy childhood. He thanked his parents, who were always at his side, as his siblings. Married to Joëlle Cléopatre, the couple is expecting a happy event soon.

He thanked the management and all employees Casela, who accepted him as a member of this huge family of guides. Jason has a special thought for his former friends of Lycée mauricien, where he spent six years. He thanked his former professor Kevin Cassy and director of the school Nazlee Foondun who helped him to grow in a healthy environment.